Tommy Awards - Sessions

The first installment in Tommy Awards' Sessions Trilogy consists of lush soundscapes recorded by a gathering of friends at a lake-view cabin in early 2013. The Stockholm based multi-instrumentalist group have refined the raw materials from that excursion into a balmy aural journey of spacious tranquility. Entering within earshot, we begin with a creeping, stealthy rhythm and an eerie, pointillist synth motif reminiscent of John Carpenter or Goblin, creating a tension between beauty and intrigue. This is something of a red herring though, as the rest of the record is beatific enough to soundtrack an off-the-grid escape. This journey leads you into a crepuscular, slow-motion Balearic house swell with gorgeous symphonic synths nudged onward by relaxing congas. Further along you fall into laggard beats loped under a majestically drifting synth that ices over your goggles like those on Joy Division’s “The Eternal.”

The finale is ridiculously grand - a gilded sundown processional across the beach and into the sea, set to one of the most chilled house chugs ever. If you don’t feel perfectly centered and content after this escape, you may be beyond help.


Also available as a cassette release.



A1 - Untitled
A2 - Untitled
B1 - Untitled
B2 - Untitled

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5 Oct 2014