Tommy Awards - Sessions II

The second installment in Tommy Awards' Sessions Trilogy picks up where the first one left off: in a paradisiacal lope of blissed out cosmic disco. Here, the Swedish duo present a subtly transformative, continuous 49-minute journey of sonic peace. While hundreds of musicians strive to create this sort of beach-y, beatific soundtrack, very few tap into it with the saffron-scented shimmy and majestic glide. Beginning with sonorous drones, elegant chimes, and distant shakers, Sessions II soon accrues a slow-motion disco chug that gets adorned with Holger Czukay-like minimalist bass punctuation and all sorts of woody and bell-toned percussion. Like a well-modulated prog-rock suite, this album advances with a seamless logic, each of its seven movements both a self-contained sonic world and an elaboration of what's preceded it, as new instruments enter and old ones exit. Through the smooth transitions, the album's gentle euphoria never subsides, its cool-headed exploration and cinematic expansiveness never wane.

Producing such a resplendent brand of escapist and soulful music is a natural gift. As the world becomes increasingly harsher, more consumed by corporate greed, and wracked by political and sectarian conflict, palliative music such as Sessions II becomes more essential to mental and physical health.


Comes with a limited edition screen print.


Side A - Untitled (23:00)
Side B - Untitled (22:57)

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3 May 2016