Tommy Awards - Inre Rymden (remixes)

Hot on the heels of 'Inre Rydmen', the EP that the Swedish multi-instrumentalist group Tommy Awards released in mid-June, come the remixes. Drafting in a cohort of the very best, this impending release will see the likes of Jonny Nash, Coyote and Mystic Jungle Tribe jump on the remix duties, touching original productions with their unmistakable idiosyncrasies. Bartosz Kruczynski, the Polish producer better known under his ‘Earth Trax’ guise, is another name credited on the release, offering up a 15-minute epic as he reinterprets penultimate track, 'Hans Logan.' Also to see an appearance is the Romanian Eirwud Mudwasser, reworking ‘Mike Sierra Foxtrot’ in a similar esoteric expanse, albeit quite a bit more lucid.

Oscillating electronics mesmerize and arpeggiating synth melodies gradually make way for marimbas. Sweeping, elongated strums of guitar stretch out like the horizon and the dialogue between various melodic elements continue throughout as we bear witness to various transformations. Irregardless of pacing, the meditative quality remains consistent throughout each glorious edit.


A1 - Prometheus (Jonny Nash remix)
A2 - Hans Logan (Bartosz Kruczyński remix)
B1 - Mike Sierra Foxtrot (Eirwud Mudwasser Nag Champa Radio)
B2 - Ursa Minor (Coyote remix)
B3 - Rexy (The Normalmen Savana reinterpretation)

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release date:

28 July 2017