RENDEZVOUS! - Suoni Della Paura II

Los Angeles based DJ collective and monthly event RENDEZVOUS! specialize in late '60s to early '80s Euro soundtracks, global psychedelia, cosmic funk and obscure, non-commercial sounds. Commonly referred to as "Library Music," many of these sounds were created specifically for film, television, and radio use and pressed in limited quantities as they were not intended for public consumption. In a celebration of these sounds, the RENDEZVOUS! crew have meticulously rifled through their private collections to craft the horrifying funky sounds of the macabre.

Culled from original vinyl pressings, a flexi-disc and a VHS tape, “Suoni Della Paura II” (Sounds of Fear) emulates the very best of  the RENDEZVOUS! sound, released at their 2016 Halloween bash at the Hyperion Tavern.


Side A - Untitled (44:50)
Side B - Untitled (43:42)

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15 Oct 2016