Martin Kuška - No Need To Hurry, But No Time To Waste

In Martin's words:

"Sometimes we are blind to see the deeds around us. Sometimes life moves too fast. 'No Need To Hurry, But No Time To Waste' is something like an attempt to control the functions in this rush, to again see the deeds that others have forgotten. Voices from the distance will be closer again, away from ambitions and proving your own importance. There are better things in the world that make it a place for a deep breath and a sincere smile.

What must happen to get a little break?

Many tracks on this album are about this... I was cruising and discovering my homeland last year while compiling my first photo book about our land. I talked in villages with old people and listened to their stories; of their lives and this land. I realized that many memories would die with this generation. Later it all connected with my life stories. And all of this gave inspiration to compose this music."


Side A - Untitled (29:50)
Side B - Untitled (28:40)

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20 Oct 2018