Madteo - Unrescuable Dense Musik of the Blah Blahs

Madteo continues his dark alchemy, drawing upon unseen forces in the studio, harnessing otherworldly energies for his deranged experimentation. Making music from the fringes, the Italian expat has taken an unconventional route through electronic music. It’s mirrored through a distinctly off-kilter irregularity coursing through his back catalogue and reflected through the eccentricities herein. As if dredged up from half-forgotten memories left dormant in the psyche until now, Unrescuable Dense Music of the Blah Blahs dives headfirst into an idiosyncratic worldview informed by transcendental experiences we’ll never truly understand.

Stretched out over 79 minutes, it bears all the hallmarks of a Madteo creation: tumbling through free jazz and traversing alien landscapes, sludgy grooves, dissonant electronics and lo-fi hypnosis coalesce into his ominous and eccentric soundscape. In between smudged loops and lurching, ungainly rhythms, intermittent squalls resembling sounds from a trans-dimensional plain or fragments of an extraterrestrial signal emanate. Committed to tape, the recordings are near indecipherable when listened back, dissipating into the ether as atonal synthesis takes centre stage.

Juxtaposed by a palette with roots in North American traditions of hip hop, house and techno, the love-hate relationship Madteo shares with his adopted homeland beams through subversive messaging. Glitching IDM rendered from binary and engrossing sound design awash with static and white noise open portals to Madteo’s warped, misshapen world, but the exploration of African American themes probes deeper, challenging perceptions surrounding race, identity and social justice.


Side A: Untitled (40:25)
Side B: Untitled (38:28)

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29 Apr 2018