Earth 2 - Intimacy / Sound Transitions

Enter a not-to-distant future, where rapid population growth has rendered the planet we call home virtually uninhabitable. A second Space Race has begun and the scramble to discover an uncharted, oxygen-rich planet unfolds. Two parallel prophecies envision this dystopian future, the first of which is set off with notably wide-eyed optimism.

Radiant pads and noodling synth lines weave through buoyant house grooves and lo-fi aesthetics presented by Memphis-based producer Intimacy. But this expedition isn’t without its perils: instigating the space-faring equivalent of ‘stepping on the gas’, the Tennessean signals a treacherous leg to the voyage, hurtling into straight kinetic dancefloor energy. Thrashing drums evoke potentially deadly hull breaches and swirling acid lines suggest cosmic turbulence or the narrow escape on the event horizon of a black hole.

All ominous synthetic textures and meaty electro rhythms, a feeling of trepidation sets the tone as Sound Transitions embarks on a similar path. Anxieties soon melt away after a successful launch, however; entering the lithe territory of ebullient, melodic house, our crew embrace the great unknown with a renewed enthusiasm.

Countless lives at home depending, both battered vessels hold their courses true. No end in sight, the pursuit to discover what they’re already calling ‘Earth 2’ back home continues.


Side A - Intimacy (44:51)
Side B - Sound Transitions (44:30)

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23 Jan 2018