Earth 3 - Lord Tusk / Arcadion

The final leg of this three(?)-part saga unfurls, documenting journeys worlds apart. Like night and day, Lord Tusk and Arcadion tread wildly different paths on the quest to discover a New Earth.

Watching on as space-faring vessels disembark to seek out new habitable worlds, Lord Tusk finds himself stranded on our failing planet with the dredges of society. Channeling all that despondency and dread into sonics predominantly of his own creation, esoteric wave, post-industrial landscapes and overdriven, dubwise alchemy fuel the angst felt amongst those left behind. Synth lines soar intermittently, like rays of hope, but before long they fade into the abyss like the shattered dreams of billions left stranded on the face of that husk we thrived on for so many millennia. In a peaceful end to a violent reality, a sense of calmness and equilibrium is achieved in the closing stages. Soundtracked by serene synth mutations, we regress into the primordial ooze as the shutters come down on Earth for good.

Following a series of failed attempts, it fell on Arcadion to ensure this quest wasn’t entirely in vain. Ominous beginnings quickly fade into distant memory, however, as an oxygen-rich planet emerges from behind a colossal star. The utopian vision fully realised, humanity can finally start afresh – life-affirming distillations of Township-style, Sowetan synth-pop reflect the collective sigh of relief felt by everyone onboard. With no need for terraforming, the feel-good factor pervades with sax and marimba as reality of a successful mission sets in. Jubilant scenes, electrified b-boy electro, 909-powered dancehall and rapid-fire jungle echo through the vessel as it begins its descent.


Side A - Lord Tusk (45:10)
Side B - Arcadion (44:42)

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13 Nov 2018